How can I have my say?

    1. Online: Share your ideas online by visiting 

    2. Complete the survey:

    Stay tuned as more listening post events will be added to the calendar!

    What is a Council Plan?

    The Council Plan guides the long-term resource planning and the priorities of every four-year Council term.  Every Council is required under the Local Government Act 1989 to develop a four-year Council Plan that sets key directions and strategies for the community. This feedback received from the community will be used to develop and refine Council’s vision, strategies and role for the Council period 2017-2021. 

    Why is Council asking me for my opinion?

    Council want to:  
    - Raise your interest and awareness of the importance of developing a Council Plan.  
    - Inform you on the status of the Shire’s health and wellbeing, economy, community assets, arts, culture, heritage and sustainability.             
     - Understand your key priorities and concerns to inform the development of the strategic objectives of the Council Plan.                            
     - Develop a range of options to address these key priorities or concerns.                                     
    - Identify any partnerships that can enhance achievement of the strategic objectives               
    - Identify any barriers or challenges that may exist in achieving the strategic objectives.

    Who can participate in this conversation?

    Anyone who lives, works or visits Mount Alexander Shire.

    Can I still have my say even though I am busy?

    We have designed the community feedback for people with a variety of time availability. They survey is short, with only 3 questions his will take 5 minutes to complete.

    If you don't have enough time at the moment, or if you have more time, are in a community group or specifically interested in key issues and want to complete a detailed submission stage 3 of the consultation will be available in late April and early May.

    What is the timeline of the project?

    The project has been divided into three key phases. Council Plan 2017-2021 will be launched in early December 2016 and the first phase of the engagement was open for comment from 2 December 2016 until the 3rd January 2017. 

    Stage 2 is currently open and closes in early April, with Stage 3 available in late April and early May.

    The Council Plan 2017-2021 is expected to be adopted by Council on 20 June 2017.